Caal's portfolio


Here are some of my most recent productions, some fanarts but mostly original art.


[2021] A Hunter is sent to kill a gigantic monster that scares and destroy surroundings villages. Who will win this fight and at which cost ? [Oneshot - 1 episode]

[2020] Medusa is a gorgon. She's cursed with the power to turn to stone anyone who dares to look at her. But maybe one day, something will change ?This is a one shot, only one chapter, no text.

[2019] Did you ever met a devil ? Deal with him without knowing how or why ? Sid would have prefered to stay away from all of this. (french only)

Vous avez déjà rencontré un Démon ? Pactisé avec lui sans savoir comment ni pourquoi ? Sid, lui, s'en serait bien passé.


A sculptor is afraid of the time and want to find a way to stay young and beautiful forever.


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My name's Caal, I'm a french 2D artist. I enjoy telling stories, so feel free to read some of the comics I made through the years.I draw illustrations, and started animation in 2019 on Live2D. Since then I experiment a lot with the software, creating animations for Visual Novel video game company, animated illustrations or Vtuber Models.


Feel free to contact me or to reach my social medias :D